Drug Delivery in Infectious Diseases

Drug delivery in infectious diseases presents unique challenges due to the need for effective targeting, sustained release, and overcoming biological barriers. Recent advancements in drug delivery technologies have significantly improved the treatment outcomes for various infectious diseases. Nanoparticles, liposomes, and micelles are used to deliver antimicrobial agents, vaccines, and antiviral drugs. These nanocarriers can improve drug stability, bioavailability, and targeting to the site of infection. Implantable devices, such as drug-eluting implants or reservoirs, can provide sustained release of antimicrobial agents directly to the site of infection, reducing the need for frequent dosing. Targeting ligands or antibodies can be attached to drug carriers to target specific pathogens or infected cells, enhancing drug efficacy and reducing off-target effects. Biodegradable polymers are used to develop sustained-release formulations for antimicrobial agents, ensuring prolonged drug release at the site of infection. Inhalable formulations are used for the treatment of respiratory infections, delivering drugs directly to the lungs for improved efficacy and reduced systemic side effects. Mucosal drug delivery systems are used to deliver drugs to mucosal surfaces, such as the gastrointestinal tract or the urogenital tract, for the treatment of infections .

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